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Pherazone Review - really the best Pheromone Cologne?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Each month a passle of new releases hit the online world marketplace. The majority are just ho-hum repeats or rehashes of what is actually already there, however, many distinguish themselves by high user acceptance and so are worth another look. Among those which are in the business of Pheromone Colognes, there’s a product referred to as Pherazone which is attracting attention. Does Pherazone work or is Pherazone a scam? Don’t order the product before you read our Pherazone review.


This handy product is the brainchild of and being developed by Pherazone company, located in Sherman Oaks, California. What Pherazone is doing so well that it is growing its client list is using high quality concentrated pheromones.


Three distinctive features set Pherazone apart from their closest competition. These features are it last approximately
4-8 hours (longer than its competitors), optimized with leading fragrances and tested on men and women for optimized results. Let’s discuss each one of those functions, in turn.


- Due to the high Pheromone concentration it lasts longer.


- While some pheromones products smell ugly Pherazone comes with a nice aroma that makes you feel good.


- Pherazone delivers 18mg of pheromone per bottle which is 3 times more than most of its competitors.


Guarantee: Pherazone provides a 30 days 100% money back guarantee, shouldn’t you get the desired sexual attraction.


On the negative side, Pherazone is the higher price compared to most pheromone products. But with 3x more high concentrated pheromones per bottle comes with much more than most other pheromone products, the price per mg is even lower.

Where can you buy Pherazone?


Pherazone is available on Amazon, but I found out that you get better deals on their own site When you order two bottles of Pherazone you get a free bottle plus the DVD “Satisfy Every Women Any Time” for free (I picked up one trick from the DVD which works like crazy). They use 1Shoppingcart which is a proven e-commerce system with secure server and the latest security.


Are there any Pherazone coupon codes available? I researched the web but did not find a single coupon code that works. The best deal I found is the 3 for 2 plus the free DVD which you can find here.


Update December 2010


Pherazone was just tested in the news. You can watch the video here (the results are interesting):



The final conclusion


In the final analysis, Pherazone Pheromone has an excellent product, packed with superior features along with a growing popularity. Pherazone has the highest concentration of Pheromones which makes it the most effective Pheromone Cologne on the market today. A large number of happy clients have to be onto something good… But don’t take my word for it, look for yourself at


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